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InstaPage® Standard

What is InstaPage® Standard & What Can It Do For My Community?

InstaPage® Standard is a web based system that creates beautiful, powerful, easy to maintain homeowners association website portals for the typical community association. It is sold directly to HOA's through this website, and is a templated system operating on our dedicated centralized web servers*.

One of our one dozen responsive homeowners association website template choices is shown here. Additionally, the system is continually receiving enhancements to keep your HOA website 'cutting edge'.

InstaPage® Standard offers substantial functionality at an affordable and competitive price starting as low as $14.95 per month (for a 100 unit community, our principal competitors charge $70-$75 per month; InstaPage® starts at only $29.95), using the most attractive homowners association website templates on the market - as shown in the following product tour**.

With our 30-day free trial, there's no reason for you not to try InstaPage® Standard!

Homeowners Association Website

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*We do offer customization options for our large-scale communities of 500+ units, ask us about options at Due to our agreement with management companies participating in our InstaPage® Partners program, we may not directly service their clients without their prior consent. If you wuld like to know if your manager is an InstaPage® Partner, e-mail us at