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News - New InstaPage® Site Administrator Control Panel Released

The Lazarus Group Internet Services, LLC today announced the immediate release
of a completely revamped Site Administrator Control Panel system for its InstaPage® Standard product line.

According to CEO Michael W. Vandor, "We've spent the past year working to completely redesign and rebuild a new content management system (CMS) for our industry-leading InstaPage® Standard commmunity website product. The new release will give site administrators quicker access to tools, reducing time and clicks necessary to execute actions, and even further simplifying system operations."

An additional part of the company's 'New Technologies Initiative', the new release according to Vandor will also add new admin functions to better facilitate manual reordering of items on many features, using drag-and-drop techniques - a popularly requested capability in polls of current site administrators.

Director of Customer Service Tim Daly, added "In addition to the upgraded CMS control panel, this release will also add some upgrades to the product front and back end, such as an enhanced calendar of community events with much more depth and features, such as recurring events, and image and video insertion tools."

InstaPage® is a product and registered service mark of The Lazarus Group. Questions regarding this press release may be addressed to or 1-800-324-0572.