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News - Upgrade to E-Mail & Text Blast Features Launched

The Lazarus Group Internet Services, LLC today announced that it has just launched a free upgrade to the e-mail blast feature contained in both InstaPage Standard and InstaPage Gold 6.0. The upgraded tool will no longer time out before delivering the confirmation screen on larger databases. Further, expanded attachment support now includes newer MS Office file types (.docx and .xlsx) and improved the confirmation screen to display all e-mail addresses sent to. The system is also highlighting in red improper entries in the e-mail address field in user profiles and displaying easy edit / delete links so Site Administrators can correct these problem profiles to improve the reach of the e-mail blasts.

Lastly, the SMS text blast feature in InstaPage Gold 6.0 has been improved so that the confirmation screen now displays the same improper field entries in red on the mobile field, with the same easy edit / delete profile links. InstaPage Standard has benefitted from the addition of this SMS text blast tool.

According to InstaPage staff, they will soon be working on the addition of a responsive e-mail template to improve the appearance and readability of HTML e-mail blasts on all devices. We will inform you when this part of the project has been completed.

InstaPage® is a product and registered service mark of The Lazarus Group. Questions regarding this press release may be addressed to or 1-800-324-0572.