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Article - Make Your Neighborhood Website a Payment Portal

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InstaPage homeowners association websites are both attractive and highly functional, but are you really leveraging the full power of the product?

Both InstaPage Standard and InstaPage Gold are integrated with a number of other third party products, including social media giants Facebook and Twitter, as well as the popular Village Management Software (VMS) product used by management firms nationwide for accounting and other management services. In addition, InstaPage is integrated with the leading online payment processor in the community management industry, Paylease. It also can be customized to utilize the ever popular Paypal system.


First, the HOA must setup an account with either Paylease or Paypal. For Paylease, contact our sales department at and they will connect a Paylease representative with you to explain their program. Paypal the HOA's representatives must create an HOA account there.

If you choose Paylease, they will give you a URL you can install in your Site Administrator Control Panel under Site Setup Configuration. Enter that URL, check the checkbox to the left and save by clicking Update Site Configuration at page bottom. This will cause a new PAY NOW button to appear on your website in the upper right next to the login button after a user logs into the site.

Paypal will give you a snippet of code you will need to forward to us; we must do some manual work on our end to set up Paypal and will need to manually maintain any changes. The result will be similar, the PAY NOW button will appear for logged in users.

Note if you have a management company using one of these payment services we can work with you to have their distinct URL setup to send any online dues payments to the account under their management.

There is really no reason not to offer such convenience to your residents. It provides them convenient and last moment payment options for dues or assessments.

Should you have questions please either e-mail our support department (if a current client) at, or our sales department (if you are considering InstaPage) at