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How Does Becoming An InstaPage® Partner Benefit Me?

First of all, we do not sell directly to clients of our InstaPage® Management Partners without their express consent, thus reserving your client sales of InstaPage® for you and you ONLY. The InstaPage® system was originally and specifically designed to enable you to offer easy to use and maintain websites to your clients. No other system or product for creating HOA websites operates in this manner, giving you exclusivity, complete system control, and control of pricing. As mentioned previously, we have developed the HOA website templates to reflect management company branding on all HOA websites on your InstaPage system.

Neither Front Steps, Association Voice nor AtHomeNet offer such programs or systems.

The InstaPage® Management Partner program will offer you the following significant benefits:

  • Marketing Advantage: Being able to offer homeowners association website services directly to your clients is a distinct marketing advantage over many of your less forward thinking competitors. It gives you an important service to offer that they aren't, as well as a hi-tech, cutting edge image. Further, InstaPage® websites created by you operate under your domain name for additional marketing exposure (ie. unless the association chooses to use a domain name.

  • Client Retention: Because your clients obtain their InstaPage® site through you, they enjoy that benefit as long as they remain your client. Having a website that has been built up over time with accumulated records and files is a very real benefit to your clients they won't want to lose. Even if they left you and contracted with another InstaPage® Management Partner, or to us directly upon leaving your company, the cost of data transfer would run several hundred dollars, acting as a real deterrent.

  • New Profit Center: You set the retail price for InstaPage® to your clients. You are charged a base fee of $149 per month (there is a one time $299 setup fee, optionally we will host your corporate site and email as part of this fee) to gain access to the InstaPage® systems. There is also a low wholesale fee for each InstaPage® website you create (wholesale pricing is available later in this section). This gives you room for markup and a valuable new profit center!