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Why Should We Choose InstaPage ?

InstaPage® offers many advantages over its competitors.

Cost: InstaPage® Standard starts at only $14.95 per month for small HOA's with no startup costs. For a typical 100 unit community, our principal competitors charge $70-$75 per month; InstaPage® charges start at only $29.95 for a community of that size; AND we offer a 30 day FREE TRIAL!

Look: InstaPage® Standard provides stronger layouts and template designs than our major competitors, developed by an award winning web design team. Custom template headers are also available.

Ease of Administration: Clients that came from our competitors with experience on their systems all say that InstaPage is easier to use and administer.

Uniqueness: InstaPage® Standard site creation is immediate using our Website Creation Wizard. Our InstaPage® Gold product is the ONLY standalone system on the market developed for large-scale communities, and is packaged with custom design, hosting, and support for an easy turnkey solution. Because you end up with a copy of the web based software, your independence and security is ensured.

Which InstaPage Version is Right for Us ?

InstaPage® offers two versions for direct public sale, the inexpensive InstaPage® Standard, and the more powerful and customizable InstaPage® Gold. Which one best fits your community and its needs depends on several factors:

InstaPage® Standard: InstaPage® Standard offers the advantages of low cost (starting at only $14.95 per month), immediacy (you can create your site in minutes using our Website Creation Wizard), and a feature set that will meet the needs of the vast majority of community associations. It includes beautiful template choices and even a customizable template header to distinguish your site from other InstaPage® sites. If your community consists of 500 units or fewer, this is likely the best match for you.

InstaPage® Gold: InstaPage® Gold offers the advantages of a more powerful feature set, is completely customizable in terms of look and public page construction, and is a standalone system where you receive your own copy of the product code (or back end). Because of the additional sophistication, and custom design involved - and because you are buying your own relocatable copy of the IPG system - it is a more expensive choice, but most appropriate for large-scale communities (larger than 500 units in size) or upper end planned developments.

Can I Tour the Products ?

We provide a separate online product tour for each, as outlined below. Each tour will walk you through screenshots and/or videos of the many features and functions of each product. If you are unsure which is best suited for your community, view Which Version is Right for Us?

You may request a proposal for your large-scale or upper end community by completing and submitting our brief InstaPage® Gold Proposal Request Form. Of course, if you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail at, or by toll-free telephone at 1-800-324-0572. Or feel free to request more information on either product via our online Information Request form.

How Much Does Each Version Cost ?

Each is priced differently:

  • InstaPage® Standard: InstaPage® Standard starts at only $14.95 per month with no startup fees (price is for smaller communities operating without their own domain name). For a typical 100 unit community, our principal competitors charge $70-$75 per month; InstaPage® starts at far less at only $29.95 for the same package; and we offer a 30 day FREE TRIAL. You can price out your InstaPage® Standard site without obligation by completing and submitting the first screen of the Web Site Creation Wizard.

  • InstaPage® Gold: InstaPage® Gold involves custom design services, an exclusive domain name for your community, and custom development of the public pages of the IPG community website. Accordingly, each project requires separate evaluation and preparation of a proposal. You may request a proposal for your community by completing and submitting our brief InstaPage® Gold Proposal Request Form.