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How Does the InstaPage® Partner Program Work?

Technical Requirements:  

As stated earlier, if your corporate website is operating from our web server, the system will be able to create your client sites under your domain name (example: This is not mandatory, however, should you prefer to remain with your current hosting arrangement.

The base cost for making the InstaPage®system available to you is a nominal $189.00 per month. This entitles you to create as many InstaPage® websites as you require for a 'per site per month' wholesale charge. Those charges are made on a sliding scale, depending on the size of the association, currently starting as low as $24.95 per month.

Volume discounts start with 10 InstaPage® sites. This includes up to 1/2 hour of site update time to your corporate site each month if hosted by us, 10 POP e-mail accounts and other e-mail features, FTP access, site statistics, tech support, and more. There is a one time $299 server setup fee.

System Administration:  

Once we've transferred or developed your corporate site, we setup access for you to the InstaPage® system. Through your easy to use Management Company Control Panel (shown above), you can easily and quickly create association sites for your clients, sites that you can control and manage. You set your own pricing through the Control Panel, and the system will send you a monthly e-mail statement you can provide your billing department to make billing your associations for InstaPage® use an easy matter. We bill you for our services on a quarterly basis, to reduce the demands on our mutual accounting departments.

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