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Article - Making Your Community Website Self-Sustaining

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Is your board looking at your homeowners association website as an expense? Mistake. Huge mistake.

Yes, most HOA websites cost you money, and those that are "free" are either business models that have proven unsustainable over the years and will be gone before you know it, shell games with hidden costs, or simply inadequate as to HOA specific features. The addage "you get what you pay for" has validity to a large extent in the homeowners association website market.

But looking at the bigger picture, is your HOA website truly a net expense? Consider these cost offsetting factors:

  • REDUCTION IN PRINTING/MAILING COSTS: Electronic delivery of forms, documents and information from a website reduces copying costs and saves on management time, not to mention providing 24/7 availabilty of the foregoing. Saved management time can translate into either lesser management fees or the ability of management to focus time elsewhere to an association's benefit. Reducing copying costs, while perhaps difficult to track or quantify, is a very real savings, particularly if mailing cost reductions are involved.

  • THE POTENTIAL FOR AD REVENUE: HOA websites offer an opportunity for advertising to local businesses. In the case of InstaPage, with monthly fees starting as low as $14.95/month, selling ad space to offset that cost? Easy-peezy, one ad would turn the site into an instant profit center. While InstaPage does not support traditional banner ads, we do offer the optional Vendor Directory which is more discreet, as well as the home page tag lines which can be used for a "sponsored by..." tag.

Literally no HOA website costs so much that the expenses cannot be offset with minimal effort, or by focusing on the larger expense picture. So, if you find yourself looking to cut your HOA budget, look elsewhere!

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