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Article: Feature Spotlight - Document Library

InstaPage includes a very useful module titled Document Library, that is both flexible and database driven. It allows your Site Administrator to easily manage your HOA's documents and files through the Site Administrator Control Panel. The module includes:

  • Customization Capabilities: As the module is database driven, your Site Administrator has full flexibility and control over file folder creation, naming, and deletion. The main folder names will appear in the drop down menu under DOCUMENTS for quick and easy access by users.

  • Supports Common File Document File Types: The system will support upload and storage of PDF files, Word, Excel and just about any other common document file type. The recommended format is PDF (Adobe Acrobat) as it prints the clearest and a user only needs the free Acrobat Reader plug-in to manage the files (not everyone owns Word or Excel). The Document Library screens on your InstaPage HOA website contain an easy access link to that plug-in.

  • Cross Platform Accessible: As all templates are designed as responsive, your document files are accessible on all platforms, PC, Apple, smartphone and tablet.

  • Keyword Searchable: Most file types will be keyword searchable using the search feature on the website's front end. InstaPage attempts to pull content during the upload and to create a text file of that content to facilitate keyword search convenience.


Removing old files, or moving them to another folder can be done quickly and easily via the File Manager in your Site Administrator Control Panel. HOWEVER, warnings are displayed when you act to remove a file or folder. Folder removal will generate a warning that completion of the removal process will PERMANENTLY delete that file from the web server. Folder removal will provide a similar warning plus give you the option of either deleting all files in that folder or moving them to another folder first.

BE CAREFUL. If you accidentally remove a folder, file, or set of files you are PERMANENTLY removing same from the web server. We do backup databases and files daily, however, it is a tricky and time consuming process to rerstore specific files or data without being forced to restore the full website to the date of the backup. This may undo other changes made to the website, and there is also a $75 data/file restoration charge. Ultimately, be very sure before you delete a file or folder that you wish it gone.

Should you have questions please either e-mail our support department (if a current client) at, or our sales department (if you are considering InstaPage) at