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Article: Feature Spotlight - The Power of The Free Field

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InstaPage does have some very useful but less visible features worthy of a spotlight. This article will address one of those - the Free Field feature that is found on the Site Setup Configuration screen of the Site Administrator Control Panel on your HOA website.

What is the Purpose of the Free Field Feature?

Essentially, the purpose of the free field is to allow Site Administrators to create sub-sets of a homeowners association website user database. Examples would include cases of master associations with sub-associations, or associations comprised of different classes of members such as a community which includes both single family homes and condominiums. Other examples would include a community that wishes to have clubs as a subset.

What is the Value of These Subsets?

There are two benefits:

  • User Database - The Site Administrator can download the list of registered users in Excel format then sort by the sub-sets to view or create a list by subset category, such as all users in Building 1, Building 2, etc.

  • E-Mail & SMS Text Blast - Sub-sets are recognized in the E-Mail & SMS Text Blast screen allowing the Site Administrator to blast one or more of the sub-sets rather than the full complement of registered users.

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