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Article: Reminder Content is King

InstaPage® has been developed to be a very robust, feature rich product for yourHOA website. It does however require... content. If not properly and consistently maintained by the HOA, your website becomes either an empty shell, or a dusty repository of HOA history.

A review of our client sites reflects a very high percentage of residents register for them, indicating strong interest. Unfortunately, if they login on that initial visit and find nothing but outdated content, they very likely won't return.

Some site administrators are volunteers, others are maintained by busy community managers. Volunteers are often tough to obtain, often because they think the time commitment is too great. We are occasionally asked how much time is in fact required. Based on our experience, initial setup of an InstaPage®homeowners association website with initial news, calendar entries, site configuration, and documents and photos can take 1-3 hours of time, depending on how much material you install in the library, or how many optional features you need to setup. After setup, however, a site can be reasonably maintained on 1 hour of time per month. That is sufficient to upload agendas, minutes, financials to the library, to update the calendar, send our SMS text or e-mail blasts, and update news articles.

In our opinion, one hour per month is a very small investment to maintain a high level of service and communications with your residents and to get the most out of your website.

Your HOA can benefit greatly from making this minimal commitment. We urge you to pursue that commitment.

Should you have questions please either e-mail our support department (if a current client) at, or our sales department (if you are considering InstaPage) at