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Article: New E-Mail Blast Tool

InstaPage® is in the process of launching a new tool to help eliminate e-mail blast transmission failures. The tool will now identify all bounce backs after an e-mail blast and allow Site Administrators the opportunity to resolve them by either a) removing the offending user(s) from the e-mail blast list, or b) completely removing the user(s) from the HOA website's database.

The next time you send an e-mail blast, if there are any bounce backs, the Site Administrator will receive an e-mail alerting them and asking them to login to the Site Administrator Control Panel to address the failing user accounts.

Please take the time to do so. A high volume of failed e-mails can result in blacklisting of our dedicated SMTP mail server further harming delivery of your e-mail blasts.

What causes bounce backs? An incorrect entry in a profile's e-mail field can. An e-mail address that is no longer valid can. We suspect in many cases bounce backs may connect to user accounts of users that have sold and no longer live in your community and no longer should have site access.

We have made it easy for you to correct these either individually or in bulk. This tool is in BETA at launch and we ask you to report any issues you experience.

Should you have questions please either e-mail our support department (if a current client) at, or our sales department (if you are considering InstaPage) at