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Article: Billing & Delinquency Policy Reminder

Like all companies, ours operates with a specific billing and delinquency policy. While we have been lax during the pandemic, the result has unfortunately been an increase in delinquencies requiring our staff spending far too much time "chasing payments". As a result, we are now forced to return to strict enforcement of the policy, thus we feel obligated to remind all clients of the policy.

  • BILLING: Whether you are on a quarterly or annual cycle, we invoice by hard copy via USPS 40 days in advance of due dates. Given the spotty performance of USPS these days, we encourage you to process payments promptly rather than trying to cut checks too close to due dates to avoid falling into delinquency. We consider 40 days more than ample time for all clients to process payment.

  • GRACE PERIOD: In addition to the 40 day advance billing we provide a 10 day grace period after the due dates, as a courtesy. PLEASE do not try and factor that into your check cutting, as pushing things too close with current USPS performance is simply unreliable.

  • REMINDER NOTICES: We send reminder notices via e-mail the day after a due date has not been met, this is a courtesy and should not be viewed as an "in lieu of the invoice" document.

  • SERVICE SUSPENSION: If an account remains in arrears after expiration of the 10 day grace period, all services will be suspended and taken offline. This includes both websites and e-mail services. Restoration of service requires both full payment of the outstanding balance and a $50 service restoration fee.

Please note we value you as a customer and appreciate your business. Your observance of due dates will help us maintain low pricing to your benefit.

Should you have questions please e-mail our support department at