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Article: New Responsive E-Mail Templates Now Live!

We are pleased to announce the new responsive e-mail template for your e-mail blasts to your registered users is now live!

A sample is shown below. It will pull the header from your website and better brand your e-mail blasts to reflect your web presence, in addition to being more attractive. You will also retain the option to generate a blast without the template should you so desire.

This should be considered a beta release, so your input is very much encouraged.

DELIVERY ISSUES: Just a reminder that the only way to reach near 100% delivery rates is to have your users add the e-mail address you use as the FROM on your e-mail blasts to their safe senders list. We strongly recommend you inform the community of this in some manner. Free e-mail providers like G-Mail, Yahoo, and Outlook use incredibly aggressive spam filtering that can result in any blast being improperly identified as spam.

Should you have questions please e-mail our support department at