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Article: Improving E-Mail Blast Delivery Rates

Released August 30, 2022 Just a friendly reminder that the best way to improve your e-mail blast delivery rates is to have your users add the e-mail address you use as the FRO... Read More

Article: New Responsive E-Mail Templates Now Live!

Released July 24, 2022 We are pleased to announce the new responsive e-mail template for your e-mail blasts to your r... Read More

Article: Billing & Delinquency Policy Reminder

Released January 26, 2022 Like all companies, ours operates with a specific billing and delinquency policy. While we have been lax during the pandemic, the result has unfortunately been an increase in delinquencies requiring our staff spending far t... Read More

Article: New E-Mail Blast Tool

Released January 13, 2022 InstaPage® is in the process of launching a new tool to help eliminate e-mail blast transmission failures. The tool will now identify all boun... Read More

Article: Reminder Content is King

Released August 4, 2021 InstaPage® has been developed to be a very robust, feature rich product for your... Read More

Article: Reminder of InstaPage®'s Powerful Calendar Feature

Released July 28, 2021 We would like to take this opportunity to spotlight one of InstaPage®'s more valuable features: the Community Calendar. ... Read More

Article: Reminder of InstaPage®'s Sub-Administrator Feature

Released July 21, 2021 We would like to take this opportunity to spotlight one of InstaPage®'s more useful, but less utilized features: the Site Sub-Administrator feature. ... Read More

Article: Reminder of InstaPage's Board Only Feature

Released July 14, 2021 We would like to take this opportunity to spotlight one of InstaPage's more useful, but less visible features: the "Board Only" feature. ... Read More

Article: Reminder of InstaPage's SMS Text Blast Feature

Released July 6, 2021 The recent building collapse tragedy in Florida has reminded us that it is a good time to address a valuable feature of InstaPage® for communicating with your association memb... Read More

Article: Pros and Cons of HOA's

Released June 30, 2021 Homeowners associations certainly have their pros and cons, the underlying being a trade off between individual liberties in favor of a more uniform community. The below video, wh... Read More

News: COVAD-19 & InstaPage

Released March 20, 2020 The flash spread of the COVAD-19 virus has us all in largely uncharted waters... Read More

News: New Security Features Added to InstaPage

Released December 12, 2019 InstaPage has added new security features to improve security of your HOA l... Read More

Article: Feature Spotlight - Getting the Most From E-Mail Blasts

Released August 28, 2019 InstaPage has always contained a very valuable communication feature: E-Mail Blasts - to allo... Read More

Article: New Feature Spotlight - Image Insertion in E-Mail Blasts

Released August 7, 2019 InstaPage has just added a new image insertion tool into the E-Mail Blast feature in your Sit... Read More

Article: Feature Spotlight - The Power of The Free Field

Released July 12, 2019 InstaPage does have some very useful but less visible features wort... Read More

Article: Feature Spotlight - E-Mail & SMS Text Blast Features

Released July 10, 2019 InstaPage includes a myriad of useful modules, but arguably the most valuable is the E-Mail &... Read More

Article: Feature Spotlight - Document Library

Released July 3, 2019 InstaPage includes a very useful module titled Document Library, that is both flexible and da... Read More

Article: Feature Spotlight - Clubs & Organizations Module

Released June 28, 2019 InstaPage include a collection of industry specific modules to power your ... Read More

Article - Feature Spotlight: Facility Reservation System

Released June 26, 2019 InstaPage HOA websites... Read More

Article - Customizing Your InstaPage Website

Released June 19, 2019 InstaPage is not an infinitely customizable product for very specific reasons: the more flexible a web product is (think Wordpress), the more ... Read More

News - InstaPage Announces $100 Lead Promotion!

Released June 17, 2019 PUT MONEY IN YOUR POCKET WITH AN INSTAPAGE WEBSITE! Through December 31, 2019 InstaPage will pay a $100 lead generat... Read More

News - Welcome to New InstaPage Website Clients!

Released June 14, 2019 We are proud to welcome new 2019 clients to our company's InstaPage ... Read More

Article - Ensuring the Security of Your InstaPage Community Website

Released June 12, 2019 Security is a high priority with our company's InstaPage ... Read More

Article - Making Your Community Website Self-Sustaining

Released June 7, 2019 Is your board looking at your homeowners associ... Read More

Article - Make Your Neighborhood Website a Payment Portal

Released June 5, 2019 InstaPage homeowners associatio... Read More

Article - Keys to Managing a Successful Neighborhood Website

Released May 31, 2019 InstaPage HOA websites are both attractive and highly fu... Read More

Article - InstaPage 5.0 Feature Spotlight: Board Only Features

Released May 23, 2019 InstaPage HOA Websites include ma... Read More

Article - InstaPage 5.0 Feature Spotlight: Community Calendar

Released May 20, 2019 InstaPage HOA Websites come packed w... Read More

Article - Monetizing Your InstaPage HOA Website

Released March 28, 2019 Boards of Directors and managers regrettably tend to view HOA ... Read More

Article - Upgraded Administrator Password Requirements Coming

Released March 27, 2019 InstaPage continues to evaluate our security protoc... Read More

Article - It's PAST Time To SSL Secure Your HOA Website!

Released March 26, 2019 In early 2017 we strongly advised our clients operating under their own domain names ... Read More

Article - InstaPage 5.0 Feature Spotlight: Rotating Custom Headers

Released March 20, 2019 One of the dynamic new features of the recently released InstaPage 5.0 HOA Webs... Read More

News - New Florida Law Mandating Condo Web Sites

Released April 10, 2018 The State of Florida now requires condo associations of over 150 units to have their own separate website complete with... Read More

Article - Adding Profits to your Management Company With The
InstaPage Management Partners Reseller Program

Released September 19, 2017 Following is a brief story on why a management firm should be aggressively taking advantage of our InstaPage Management Partners reseller program. A CASE STUDY: We recently pitched a large management firm th... Read More

News - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program

Released November 26, 2016 The Lazarus Group Internet Services, LLC would like to remind all of our clients that we offer a very affordable and proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program. The Yellow Pages are dead and de... Read More

Article - Sum of the Parts

Released August 27, 2013 by Michael W. Vandor of InstaPage HOA Websites ... Read More

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